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Formed in 1965, the PWSD #1 of Franklin County, Missouri office is currently located in the heart of the township of Krakow, Missouri, along Highway A in Franklin County. The District serves a rural, but developing area, south of Washington, Missouri and north of Union, Missouri, including adjacent areas to the east and west. The District provides water services for over 1,400 customers, of which, approximately 600 customers have sewer services furnished by the District as well. logo-quality The District provides ground source well water pumped from 4 deep source wells located throughout the District. The District currently utilizes a 400,000 gallon elevated storage tank, a 100,000 gallon elevated storage tank, and a 40,000 gallon standpipe for water storage and distribution. The District provides wastewater treatment at our Krakow Lagoon wastewater facility. The District also maintains several subdivision wastewater treatment facilities within the District boundaries comprising of 9 lift stations, 2 sand filters, and 4 package treatment facilities. The City of Washington also treats a portion of the Districts wastewater collected along our eastern boundary.

Identity Theft Prevention Program

Public Water Supply District #1 of Franklin County has adopted an Identity Theft Prevention Program, “The Red Flag Rule.” This Program is intended to identify red flags that will alert our employees when new or existing accounts are opened using false information, protect against the establishment of false accounts, provide methods to ensure existing accounts were not opened using false information, and provide measures to respond to such events. The District’s Program was developed using guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission and was adopted to help protect its customers.

2017 Sub-District Map

Please provide us with your current name, account number, phone number, and e-mail address so that we may contact you in a timely manner on important District news, such as project updates and precautionary boil advisories. Please use the Contact Us tab to e-mail the District your information.